Kalani Largusa is a tattoo artist and military veteran from Kapahi, Kauai. He received his education in drawing and illustration from the California College of Arts [CCA] in Oakland and San Francisco, and received his BFA in painting studio practice from the School of Art Institute of Chicago [SAIC] spring of 2013.  During which he was a San Diego Comic Convention invitee to the Comic Scholar Poster Session, and a guest speaker at San Francisco's WonderCon, and The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo in support of his paper examining 'The significance of Kato and the evolution of his role as the Green Hornets sidekick.'  He was a feature artist in Chicago's Next Generation, 18th annual Asian American Showcase in 2013. In 2016 Kalani completed the MFA program at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.
His work centers on an exploration of painting processes, contemporary Pacific Islander and Asian identity, and Polynesian tattoo symbolism and methodology.  His work contains a record of his experiences through layers and almost western comic book iconography, ranging from sharp, stylized draftsmanship and mixed-media art journals to large abstract, often non-representational oil paintings.  He is currently represented by Gallery HNL and will be one of the artists featured in the gallery’s group show expected in early 2016.